CPH includes student organizations, as well as alumni associations within each institute, maintaining the relationship between alumni and CPH. Every year, distinguished alumni are selected, then invited to speak at an annual ceremony, where they are awarded with a commemorative plaque. In 2012, NTU Public Health Alumni Association was founded, choosing Laura Huang (黃月桂) as its first president.


Distinguished alumni


Distinguished alumni of College from 1999

Year Distinguished Alumni
1999 Mei-Ling Hsiao
2000 Ying-Yuan Lee
2001 Yung-Jen Chen
2002 Po-Ya Chang
2003 Suspended Due to SARS
2004 Tun-Hou Lee
2005 Man-Li Chen
2006 Chung-Yi Lo
2007 Ching-Hwa Chiu
2008 Ling-Ling Hsieh
2009 Chung-Fu Lan
2010 Hui-Chuan Hsiao
2011 Chih-Liang Yaung
2012 Laura Huang
2013 Hong-Jen Chang
2014 Ying-Jyun Lin
2015 Chi-Kung Ho
2016 Yun-Chune Lee


Soloman C. C. Chen





Interview of Yue-Chune Lee, the distinguished alumni in 2016

Interview of Chi-Kung Ho, the distinguished alumni in 2015

Interview of Ying-Jyun Lin, the distinguished alumni in 2014